My Discworld®-Related Items

(not updated since Dec 14 1999)

I will not sell these items (unless you pay a really good price ;-)
but you can order most of the items at
No. Description Retired? RRP (£) Dimensions
DW11 Rincewind Bookend (signed by Leigh Pammett) not yet 37.60 14 cm
DW12 Death Bookend not yet 37.60 14 cm
DW18 Malefico's Inheritance Accelerator 31/11/98 6.50 9 cm
DW26 God's Dice Box (signed by Leigh Pammett) not yet 12.95 9 cm
DW40 Book Stamp from the Unseen University not yet 12.95 10 cm
DW50P Death Bookstamp (painted) not yet 14.99 10 cm
DW66 Angua not yet 29.99 11.5 cm
DW90 Death and Granny Weatherwax not yet 135.00 21x11x14 cm
DW95P From out of the Page (Collectors Edition) not yet 49.99 12 cm
DW98c Coat of Arms - Seamstresses' Guild (Collectors Edition) not yet 14.99 19 cm
DW101 You Bastard not yet 29.95 10.5 cm
DW102 Angua as a Wolf (Collectors Edition) not yet 24.95 9.5 cm
The First Discworld Convention 1996 yes
DWE5 Death as Bill Door (Clarecraft Event 1997 Piece) not yet 25.00 18 cm
DWE6 Nac Mac Feegle (Discworld Event 1999) not yet 15.00 12 cm
DWJK1 Discworld Poster not yet 2.99 67x47 cm
DWAN Pewter Anorankh not yet 2.75
DWRING Silver Death Ring not yet 19.00
Discworld yes
Platform Name Signed?
PC Discworld (German) yes
PC Discworld 2 (German) yes
PC Discworld Noir (German) not yet
PSX Discworld (English) yes
PSX Discworld 2 (English) yes
Books etc.
Type Name Signed?
Hardcover Jingo yes: by Terry and Stephen
Mappe Streets of Ankh Morpork yes: by Terry and Stephen
Mappe Discworld Mappe yes: by Terry and Stephen
Mappe A Tourist Guide to Lance yes: by Terry and Stephen
Mappe Deaths Domain yes: by Terry
Description Signed?
Motorbike (Honda NTV650) yes: by Terry and Stephen
Plate 01 Death's Study